Energy Medicine - Total Body Modification



Dr. Bemis uses a technique called Total Body Modification to identify problems in the body, which cannot be found with traditional testing methods.  Total Body Modification utilizes vials filled with small amounts of different toxins or substances.


When the vial is placed near an area of the body, a stress signal, such as muscle weakness, appears immediately.  Muscle reactions can confirm hidden allergies and sensitivities, which contribute to overall health and well-being.




















Total Body Modification can also confirm whether a medication or nutrient is reaching the target organ in the body.  It has been found that many times a particular nutrient or medication does not appear in the target area (i.e. an infected tooth or a diseased heart) in concentrations high enough to achieve the therapeutic benefit.


With Total Body Modification, medications and nutrients can be held close to the targeted area on the body to assess whether that substance is not only reaching the area but also delivering concentrations high enough to achieve the therapeutic benefit.  


Oftentimes, blockages are found which interfere with the delivery of the drug or nutrient.  Blockages can occur from jewelry and belt buckles, scars, bacteria, viruses, foods, chemicals, and heavy metals.

There are many other applications for Total Body Modification, which can include the elimination of allergies or food sensitivities, detoxification from drug residues, treatment of microorganisms and stealth pathogens, and the elimination of infections.


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